Last day to vote for Student Congress elections nears

Elections for Oakland University Student Congress will continue through this Wednesday, March 28 at 11:59 p.m.

Students can vote online at

Alternatively, polling stations will be set up in the Fireside Lounge and Vandenberg Cafeteria from noon to 2 p.m. on election days.

When voting online, students can find out more information about each of the candidates by clicking on their hyperlinked names.

Students may vote for one presidential and vice presidential ticket and 23 legislators. They also have the option of including write-in candidates.

Elections Commissioner Lisa Vecchio said it is important for students to vote because of the amount of influence Student Congress has on important issues affecting the student population.

“It’s important that students vote in the elections because it determines who’s going to be the next student body president and therefore, the new administration of Student Congress,” she said. “Student Congress has a large budget and it has a lot of influence on campus, so students should be interested.”

Student Congress’ mission statement states:

“Oakland University Student Congress strives to represent the student body and increase pride and unity on campus through dynamic leadership, a commitment to diversity and an ongoing devotion to the quality of university life. We aim to meet the needs and address the concerns of our fellow students and encourage students to voice their ideas to help us create the best possible ‘Oakland experience.’”

Current Student Body President Benjamin Eveslage echoed this sentiment when explaining why students should care about elections.

“I think it’s very important that Oakland University students vote for the next student body president, vice president and the legislators because these people really do make a difference on campus and can make instrumental change into how students experience their educational experience.”

The next OUSC presidential administration will be announced on Friday at noon in the Pioneer Food Court.


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