Wolf/Williford win OUSC elections

Oakland University may be home to the Grizzlies, but Student Congress will soon belong to a Wolf pack.

Samantha Wolf and Robbie Williford are the newly elected president and vice president of OUSC.

Wolf’s biggest goal for this year is to remain realistic.

“My biggest personal goal for the term will to be realistic and positive,” she said. “These are important to me because if you are not realistic, nothing can get done. But at the same time you need to stay positive because there are things that everyone says that cannot be done but by staying positive and hard work it is possible.”

Wolf and Williford were both motivated to get involved in OUSC by the chance to make an impact on campus.

“I’m interested in student government because of the difference that it makes for the students and the university,” Williford said. “I’ve seen how OUSC has worked in the past for the students and their concerns.

I believe that being a part of something like that is allowing me to make that difference.”

Williford said he and Wolf are ready to get to work.

“The first thing we have to do is find an (executive) board,” he said. “After that, it starts with getting organized and kind of jump starting so that we can, I guess, get a head start on the next year.”

Wolf and Williford garnered just under 80 percent of the 1,184 vote.

Planned initiatives of the Wolf/Williford administration include continued dialogue with the administration on the issues of parking and tuition.

They would also like to put a scantron machine in the library and work with student organizations to put on bigger, better events.

The new administration takes over sometime in mid April.


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