Weekly top 10

With the world coming to a tragic end in 2012, we would rather not do what we normally do in our depressing daily routines — post a status update, watch some YouTube videos, check for comments on our status updates, eat a sandwich, play a little minesweeper, check again for comments on our status updates and cry deeply.

If the cries of rapture are true and these are the last nights on Earth, these are some of the most sought-after activities on our bucket list.

10.  Play a “Mad Men” drinking game in which you take a sip every time a white person isn’t on the screen — it won’t be very many.

9. Ask current OUSC President Benjamin Eveslage for fashion tips

8. Locate and  talk to “all the pretty girls that go to Oakland University”

7. Meet Sofia Vergara and have  her speak lots of sexy Latin words

6. Become the Chartwells idictator and have students battle for food, “Hunger Games” style

5. Dress up like a Disney Princess, go to Disney world and scare all the kids away

4. Run around beaches and ikick over sandcastles that kids have worked hard on

3. Rob a Burger King dressed iup like The Hamburglar

2. Check into one of Kim iKardashian’s bedroom via FourSquare

1. Become the mayor of her bedroom