Rochester hosts fourth annual Green Living Festival

By Stephanie Sokol

For some people, green is more than a color. It’s a lifestyle. The Michigan Green Team hosted Rochester’s fourth annual Green Living Festival June 22-24. With exhibits of food and products, as well as live entertainment and presentations, the festival promoted healthy and eco-friendly living.

According to Event Manager John Batdorf, the main goal of the fair was to highlight successful business and community health, as well as encourage green living.

“We hope that the event brought people to Rochester who otherwise might not come here,” Batdorf said. “We want visitors to associate the city with green living.”

160 exhibits filled the field near Rochester Mills Beer Company as venders shared their products and ideas with guests.







Rochester residents Sarah and David Beaton road their bikes to the event to view a demonstration of Vitamix, a juicer they recently purchased. “We just bought it and wanted to watch the demo,” S. Beaton said. “We always attend the Green living festival. David and I live a completely eco-friendly lifestyle and this event helps us thrive.”







The event featured many exhibits with Michigan-made, eco friendly health products. One of the companies was Green Star Design. Creator Sherry has been making the products for about a year and a half. “I started out making them for myself and really wanted to share them with others,” Sherry said. “I just wanted to go natural.”





Sterling Heights resident Jennifer Vasich hosted a booth displaying goods from her company, All Things Lavender, where she has been making products with the flowers for 15 years. She shares the essential oils with attendee Phil Lukaszewicz. “All of our products are locally grown,” Vasich said. Her company will host the Michigan Lavender Festival.





Organically grown plants were popular at the event. The plants were free of unnatural pesticides and fertilizers.







People dance to the music as musicians from Rochester’s School of Rock provided entertainment during the festival. Performances included original compositions as well as song covers by bands like Led Zepplin.






In attempt to raise awareness and encourage bone marrow donation, a local man plays pan flute at the exhibit.







Red Lotus Yoga instructor Lynne Baum prepares an organic beverage at her booth, “Groovy Smoothie” during the festival. “It’s important to promote health and wellness at all levels,” Baum said.






Recreational activities like rock climbing were also part of the festival as Rochester encouraged visitors to live healthy.