Troy citizens band together to get mayoral recall petition on November’s ballot

The petition to recall Troy Mayor Janice Daniels has been submitted and reviewed by the Oakland County Board of Elections.

Of the 9,300 signatures, 8,882 were found to be valid. The mayor can still challenge the validity of the signatures, but she would have to prove that 900 of the signatures are in-valid by July 12.

Mayor Pro Tempore and Councilwoman Maureen McGinnis said the signatures are valid and the decision is up to the people of Troy from here.

“The recall petition signatures have been verified and it is my understanding that the question of whether or not the Mayor should be recalled will go to the voters in November,” she said.

John Kulesz organizer of the petition, thinks the recall of Daniels will be successful.

125 Troy residents collected signatures, with 80 percent of the money raised in support of the recall came from residents, and 20 percent came from former residents.

“(This is) a citizen action, a grassroots effort,” said Kulesz.

Kulesz said he is a concerned citizen who has never been politically active before.

He said his views don’t fit with one specific party and wishes politicians would work outside of party lines.

If the recall is successful, the Troy City Council will select a new mayor, who will serve out the rest of Daniels’ term

According to Kulesz, Daniels has done many things over the course of her term that have embarrassed the city.

In June 2011, Mayor Daniels said on her Facebook page, “I think I am going to throw away my I love New York carrying bag now that queers can get married there.” Daniels has also verbally attacked employees at city meetings, including City Manager John Szerlag.

Kulesz said employees’ walking on eggshells is not a good work environment.

Kulesz was also critical of Daniels rejecting government grants to build a transit center in Troy, which would connect with Downtown Detroit, then from there to Chicago.

The project was in the works since 1999, and had popular support with local and state governments, including Michigan Gov Rick Snyder.

In a statement to the Troy city council, Mayor Daniels said she rejected the project because she thought the money would be better served paying off the national debt.

“Daniels wants her way and that’s it,” Kulesz said.

The mayor was reached for comment, but declined discussing the matter at this time.