New smartphone app gives students SAIL access

The updated version of the MySail app allows students to access all the functionality of the SAIL Web portal right on their phones. Version 2.0 of the app was released Aug. 6.

Although it is currently only available in the iOS app store, a version is in the making for Android, according to Theresa Rowe, chief information officer of University Technology Services.

Bryan Cain, integrated marketing director at OU, said for the first time students are able to access the full functionality of the SAIL Web portal from their mobile device.

“Students now have the ability to log in to SAIL, where our old app didn’t have the ability to do that,” Cain said. “They (students) can now actually log in to SAIL, view grades, things like that. All the functionalities that are in the SAIL portal are now in the app.”

In addition to checking grades, students can do tasks like checking their Webmail, accessing GrizzOrgs and registering for classes.

University Technology Services is the team behind the app. Rowe said the goal was to give students access to the website in whatever form they prefer.

“Some members of the university community, especially students, prefer apps on their smartphones, rather than mobile websites,” Rowe said. “We were able to accommodate their requests.”

Unlike a mobile website, the code for the MySail app has been written specifically for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

According to Rowe, the app has been downloaded 1,400 times from its initial launch in 2011 to Aug. 31. Users have downloaded 500 updates during that time.

Rowe said they are constantly looking at ways to upgrade the experience in the app.

“We are always looking at options for improvements,” Rowe said. “There’s a lot of work involved in just maintaining what is there. We’ve posted an IdeaScale where the OU community can submit and vote on ideas.”

One idea was brought forth by Amera Fattah, OU Student Congress student services director.

Students can view traffic and construction reports for roads around OU by visiting

Fattah had discussions with OU Constituent Communications Director Lillian Lorenzi about incorporating this functionality and more into the app.

“They’re (UTS is) working on a way that you can log on with your phone and see live traffic or any traffic problems and get push notifications too,”  Fattah said. “That way if you take a certain route here and that road is closed, you’ll get push notifications.”

For more information on the app or to participate in IdeaScale voting, visit


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