Bike Share Program to be replaced with Bike Loan

By Stephanie Sokol

After some flaws in the original plan, such as bikes being stolen and found off campus, the Oakland University Student Congress Bike Share Program returns this fall revamped as a Bike Loan program.

According to Daniel Bettmann, coordinator of club sports, intramural activities and campus recreation, the new program will hold students accountable for the bikes.

Though some of the old bikes may still be found around campus, many were lost, according to Bettmann.

With the Bike Loan program, 50 higher-end bikes with gears are up for auction. Students can sign up until Tuesday, Sept. 11 to be entered into a lottery that will take place Wednesday.

“The bikes were purchased for roughly $175 and then locks were also purchased, that is why the total replacement cost that a student could be charged is up to $200,” Bettmann said.

Winners of the random selection have the chance to use one of the bikes for the semester. New rules require the bikes to be locked it at all times, because abuse (besides minor wear or scratches) or theft can lead to a fee of up to $200. They are due back Dec. 6.

“The ideal hope is that between checkout and the sixth, most will be returned in normal working condition, without having to charge any fees,” Battmann said.