Students create new OUTV show to air on TV, online

By Stephanie Sokol

OUTV’s newest weekly show “The Wall” takes student suggestions about current events and brings them to a  panel for discussion and debate.

Sophomore biology and communication major Zalika Aniapam came up with the idea for the news panel show during the summer with the help of co-producer and junior biology major Yahawa Ashqua.

After stage managing plays in high school and a few months managing  the OUTV show “Live at Oak,” Aniapam wanted to start one of her own. She met Ashqua and they decided to do just that.

“We’re doing this for the students. We really want to get them involved,” Aniapam said. “The Wall” posts from different people will make it really divergent. I want to spark peoples’ interest. This won’t be like other news shows.”


Wall posts

Discussions will include current events, in addition to student suggestions posted onto the show’s Facebook wall to make discussions divergent, according to Aniapam.

This idea came from Ashqua’s idea for a name, which was then molded into the show’s theme.

Having started working at Student Video Productions in 2010, Ashqua decided to branch out by co-producing the show with Aniapam.

According to Ashqua, the show is something new. SVP doesn’t have any talk shows, so this is an opportunity to do something different.

Using “text-talk” lingo in episode titles, the show will be a modern take on debates giving students on the panel a chance to voice their opinions and comment on issues like news, politics and celebrities.


The hosts

Junior performance and production major Victoria Craw, junior journalism and communication major Misha Mayhand, senior journalism major Brian Johnston, sophomore communication major Revon Yousif and undecided freshman Hailie Hogan-Wilson are the auditioned hosts of the weekly show, which will air online as well as on analog Channel 11. A pilot is set to record Oct. 3.

Yousif tried out after a friend mentioned the show to him. He said while he has a lot of acting experience in both high school and college, this will be his first show in front of a camera. He also said he’s excited to be part of a show where the issues really matter to the students and having four different hosts will bring a variety of perspectives.

“I think a lot of times people are afraid to speak their mind,” Yousif said. “They are often scared to pick sides around people of different backgrounds. It’s okay to have an opinion and this will give students the opportunity to voice it.”

According to Craw, who has past broadcast experience through class and work at the 2011 Republican Debate hosted on campus, the show will raise many topics that are important to students, from campus problems like parking to bigger issues such as politics and laws affecting students.

“I think ‘The Wall’ is a great idea,” Craw said. “There’s no point in having a show without talking about the things that are really important to people. Since students are the audience, it’s important that we cater to them. Hopefully people will watch it and hear their own views represented.”


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