UPDATE: I-75 reopens after three killed in multi-car pile-up

By Stephanie Sokol

At least four people were killed in a multiple-vehicle accident on Southbound I-75 in Detroit during severe winter weather earlier today.

Springwells has been shut down due to the accident, which stretched about a mile and a half down the road and involved a minimum of 30 cars, Michigan State Police Capt. Monica Yesh said in a Detroit Free Press article.

The highway had “white-out conditions” at 9:30 a.m., according to drivers, who said they slid on the slippery roads. MDOT said the accident began on the bridge, with a semi losing its load.

Some vehicles were totaled, while others had minor damage.

The Free Press said vehicle removal began at noon. At least twelve emergency and fire vehicles were at the scene, with 10 flatbed trucks assisting.

A first responder said one victim’s car is shattered and the back is folded over the front of it. Injuries were reported, though the article did not indicate whether any killed were children.

Northbound I-75 is closed to “prevent gawker-related” accidents, according to MDOT spokesperson Rob Morosi, but Southbound will be closed for at least four hours and maybe until nighttime.

UPDATE, 5:03 p.m.: One adult and two children ages 7 and 9, are dead, and many others injured, the Free Press said in an update.  The children were riding in the same car, though it is unsure whether they are related. The adult was driving in another vehicle.

The paper stated: “According to MSP at about 4 p.m., I-75 southbound is reopened.”

There was another, unrelated crash in Genesee County today a few hours after this incident, involving 15 to 20 cars, but no details have been released.