Student Congress elections approaching


1.30 campus elections web

By Kevin Graham

The deadline for students to apply to appear on the ballot for either the presidential ticket or legislative positions in Oakland University Student Congress is Feb. 1 at 5 p.m.

One presidential and vice presidential ticket will be selected and 23 legislators will be elected at large by the student body during the elections running March 18-20.

Each campaign, legislative or presidential, must complete a platform statement of at least one typed and double-spaced page. Candidates must complete this and get 50 signatures for the legislature and 250 signatures to run for president by Feb. 15 to be considered official candidates.

Emily Collins, the elections commission chair for OUSC, said participation in these elections is very important for students.

“What I really love about OUSC is that we’re the voice for students,” Collins said. “We’re the major link to administration and that’s why voting is so important. Your president and your vice president really set the tone for the whole year.”

She mentioned the bookstore Scantron machine, Bear Bus and Bike Share initiatives as examples of things OUSC pushed for and accomplished.

Collins will be holding sessions Feb. 4-15 to familiarize candidates with election bylaws and their duties, should they be elected.

Allison Webster, assistant director of student organization programs and adviser to OUSC, said these elections make a great deal of impact on students.

“They’re the students that connect faculty, staff and administration to the student body. So if the students really want to get their voice heard or if they have really a great idea or if they want to make a change on campus, it’s important for them to get involved in Student Congress,” Webster said.

Election dates

Feb. 1: This is the date to declare candidacy. OUSC is located in the basement of the Oakland Center.

Feb. 15: All signatures and platform statements must be completed in order to be considered for official candidacy.

Feb. 26: The Elections Kickoff event will be held at noon in Gold Room A of the Oakland Center.

March 5: The vice presidential candidates will debate at noon in Gold Room A.

March 12: The presidential candidates will debate at noon in Gold Room A.

March 18-20: Students will vote online at