Student Congress plans trip to spark ideas for Oakland Center improvements, honor Coach Kampe

The Oakland Center could be expanding, and your opinion will be the basis for the discussion.

At the Oakland University Student Congress meeting today, an upcoming trip to four neighboring universities was discussed. During the trip, students and legislators will visit several student unions at other universities to gather ideas for improvements to the OC.

The trip is scheduled for March 1. Students will visit Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, Bowling Green University and Ohio State during the day. After the trip, the accompanying students will submit their opinions to OC Director Richard Fekel, who will then present them to the Board of Trustees for consideration.

“The main point of this is to show that the university is willing to do what the students want,” said Student Body President Samantha Wolf. “We’re taking in anything that needs to be changed — anything that can be made better.”

Also at the OUSC meeting, a proposal was discussed to award men’s basketball coach Greg Kampe with an honorary plaque, “just to congratulate him on behalf of the university and OUSC,” said Legislator Katrina Stencel, who proposed the bill.

The legislators will meet again on Monday, Feb. 25, to vote on the bill and further discuss the OC expansion and the upcoming trip.