Dating on Valentine’s Day: A study guide

To my fellow Valentine’s Day-daters out there, it is a well known fact that the stress of a date can be similar to that of an exam. So here is the study guide:

If you’re on a date, that’s awesome. Someone else has decided to spend their time with you instead of someone else on this holiday. By getting to that point you’ve already done what most cannot do — good job.

I may be saying this because I have a belief that all people are good and have good intentions … but still. People (under normal circumstances) don’t play mind games at that intense of a level. At least that’s what I tell myself, or maybe my level at playing the “dating game” is so low that I can’t see it?

Never mind that, my date-hopeful readers. I am 100 percent confident that you are worth your date’s time.

Having gone on a few first dates, there are some key things that must be laid out to serve as an outline. If you’re not Barney Stinson, don’t wear a suit. Wear something comfortable. So guys, a T-shirt and jeans will suffice. And ladies, you should do the same, wear a dress or a T-shirt and jeans if they are more comfortable for you.

Now whatever you do, do not assume that I mind what clothes you are wearing. I am just making a suggestion.

The second thing that needs to be taken care of for guys is the music selection for the ride to your date’s house. I know that Lil’ Wayne helps get your blood pumping when you work out, but please, refrain from that just for the night.

However, if she likes Lil’ Wayne, that obviously changes things.

I firmly believe that it is the guy’s job to have everything planned and pays for everything — no going “dutch.” Ever.

Next, talk on the ride over to the movie theater, restaurant, putt-putt golf course, etc. There is absolutely no excuse for silence when you’re trying to get to know someone.

If you’re not really trying to get to know this person and you’re just interested in other activities, talking is important in that scenario as well. The conversation may be a little different. But hey, we’re in college.

If your date happens to lead to a movie theater (hint: most dates do) don’t be afraid to sit next to your date. I dare some of you to even lift up the separating arm rest … I dare you.

For those of you shy people out there, the movie theater is the best place to go on a first date because it requires little to no talking. Talking should not be avoided, though. If your date talks to you in the movie, don’t shush them, talk back! I, for one, keep quiet unless they talk to me; I’m not exactly the type of guy who likes spending $20 on something that he won’t remember.

Sorry, I’m  not sorry.

Okay, the final thing that must be talked about: the kiss. You know, the kiss, that Hitch moment that happens at the end of almost every date.

I don’t have much experience in this department but I advise that if you do or do not … look at how the date has gone thus far.

If you had dinner, went to the movies or what-have-you, and you didn’t talk or physically harassed your date with a barrage of slaps and punches, I suggest that you avoid the kiss and just have an awkward hug.

Otherwise, go for it. What do you have to lose at that point? Not that much, really. If your attempt is an utter failure, it makes a fantastic story. The surefire way to tell if there’s a chance is if you notice “the look.”

You know what “the look” is. Don’t lie to me.

That is when you go for it.

That is the end of your Valentine’s Day date lessons at the hand of yours truly.

“But Chris … why don’t you tell me about the kissing technique?”

Good question, but I have a simple answer for you. I don’t know. Everyone’s different. So just kiss the girl already. Or guy.

There’s your cue, singing lobster!