Brandon Hanna, Jibran Ahmed win OUSC elections

By Postie Editors

With a total of 1,083 votes, Brandon Hanna and Jibran Ahmed won the Oakland University Student Congress election over candidates Amera Fattah and Maria Arellano.

“Honestly, I’m in a state of shock,” Hanna said. “Also I’m like really, really happy.”

Opponents Fattah and Arellano received 791 votes, according to elections commissioner Emily Collins. But after a grievance hearing held March 21, the Fattah/Arellano ticket lost 40 percent of their votes, giving them a final vote of 475. The Hanna/Ahmed platform received 1,128 votes, but the ticket lost four percent of votes for grievances, giving them a final vote of 1,083.

According to Allison Webster, OUSC adviser, Hanna and Ahmed won the election before the March 21 grievance hearing.

“Candidates who had more of the popular vote are able to appeal, so we’ll be discussing further steps with Emily,” Fattah said. “We’ll see” about the appeals process.”

According to OUSC bylaws Appendix IV Subsection V Line A, “If a candidate or ticket wishes to appeal a conviction of guilt on any individual charge, they may do so by filing a formal written appeal to the University Student Congress Legislature.”

Hanna is unsure how the process will play out, or whether any appeals will be filed now that the election results are in.

“The committee voted to approve it at the end of the process yesterday, so I would say it’s over and done,” Webster said.

What’s next for Hanna and Ahmed

Hanna and Ahmed, who will be sworn in April 8, are currently accepting applications for their executive board. Nine positions are available ranging from administrative assistant to student services director. Applications are due by this Friday at 5 p.m. with interviews taking place next week.

After that, they will begin to work on the summer budget with the legislature and the passage of their initiatives.

“On that budget, we’ll have student initiatives that we had on our platform that we’ll be trying to push for like free Scantrons,” Hanna said.

He said his goal throughout the year will be to follow through on campaign initiatives.

Hanna sees the parking issue as something that will loom large in the coming months.

“We’re going to be losing over 750 parking spots due to all the construction on campus,” he said.

Looking into the future

Outgoing OUSC President Samantha Wolf said she plans to finish the semester working on the Provost Search Committee. She also wishes to convince the board to expand the Oakland Center.

“I will be a senior next year, so I’ll still be around,” Wolf said. “I’m hoping to go to the next level and help more with the administration side and be the student voice to the administration. The president gets to do that, but I would like to do it in a different way.”

Vice President Robbie Williford was elected as a legislator for the 2013-14 year.

“I still have a year left, so why not? I’m very excited to be a legislator and help also lead the students,” Williford said.

According to the OUSC bylaws, “The Congress’ Steering Committee shall place any appeals prior to the Congressional Address by the Validations Committee representative.” This refers to the State of the Student Body Address, held once a year by OUSC, in which the outgoing and incoming Presidents speak.

This year’s election had 700 more votes than last year’s, Collins said. Hanna and Fattah received a combined total of 1,919 votes.

This year’s elected legislators are:

-Rachel Boye

-Ariana Davidson

-Bria Ellis

-Alexandra Garza

-Marlee Hanna

-Kyler Johnson

-Madison Kubinski

-Derek MacDonald

-Ashley Monticciolo

-Dana Mosa-Basha

-Jonahon Ngoyi

-Joshua Nuss

-Gina Patrico

-Ethan Scott

-Arban Stafa

-Katrina Stencel

-Darias Thompson

-Lauren Tibbits

-Jack Wallace

-Blake Williams

-Robbie Williford

-Samantha Wolf

-Nusrat Zaman