New Glee Club makes its on-campus debut

By Katie Phelan

A new club formed at Oakland University based off the television show “Glee.”

Revon Yousif, president and director of the club, started the Glee Club at OU after noticing a lack of similar clubs on campus.

“It is amazing that something like this is finally available on our campus,” said Briana Edwards, Glee Club member.

The Glee Club is leaning away from the show choir aspect and forming a style of their own, according to Yousif, who may step into a performing role in the future.

“It is a great way for students to connect and share their voice and just to have fun,” said Arkeem Scott, Glee Club member.

“I feel like I don’t really fit in the college atmosphere, so hopefully being involved in this will help me become more outgoing in the future,” said Brittany Biondo, Glee Club member.

Instead of having performers dressed alike, standing on stage in a straight line and singing, Yousif wants the club to be personal. Costumes will be inspired from each individual’s personal style and shows will be performed in different areas around campus.

“People won’t be sitting and watching. They will be performing in there with the audience,” Yousif said.

Yousif would like to get the Glee Club’s name out by making an impact on the campus.

“I want our performances to make people’s days better,” Yousif said.


Building the club

Glee Club’s auditions have already ended, and out of about 35 students, Yousif chose 20 to be in the club.

The majority of the students in the club are not majoring in music or theater, according to Yousif.

“To see the talent that is not being used by the performing arts programs is crazy,” Yousif said.

“Glee Club may give non-music majors, like me, a place and a motivation to grow in that field,” said Jae Kim, club member.

The club’s focus is on music that reaches a wide audience.  This may change depending on who they are performing for, but they are practicing music that is liked by many.

The Glee Club has begun weekly rehearsals in Dodge Hall.

Yousif plans to have a small show at the end of the semester showcasing the Glee Club.

“I want to focus on doing a small performance rather than doing something that is huge a mediocre,” Yousif said.