Fight reported in student’s home

The Oakland University Police Department was called to a residence in Rochester March 10.

A group of students left from Gus O’Connors in downtown Rochester at 3:15 a.m.

Upon returning home, one female student and the others said she found three to four men inside her home.

The student said she had past experiences with them and told them to leave. They began to argue, and the group of males decided to leave.

As they left the house, a member of the resident’s group followed them outside.  He stated that he was punched without cause and the same person punched the resident.

Another member of her group stated he was choked by one of the men.

The group of males left the house, and a neighbor confirmed that she saw the fight.

No one involved requested medical treatment.


OUPD investigates suspicious odors in Hill House dorm

OU police officers responded to Hill House Feb. 27 at 7:45 p.m. for an odor investigation.

Officers entered the dorm by consent of the student. Officers said they noticed the smell of marijuana outside and inside the room.

They asked if anyone had been smoking and all denied except one student.

Upon request from officers, she relinquished a small bag of marijuana from her purse.

They then observed a beer can by a male student. The can was sitting by the male student’s foot. The malestudent said he had been only drinking beer. After officers asked if he had been drinking, he admitted to drinking two cans of beer. He referenced the observed can with by his foot.

The female student was issued a ticket for marijuana use, and the male student was issued a minor in posession.