Students win prizes, gain knowledge at Bear Bus Day


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As students walked past the Fireside Lounge March 18, a 39-inch TV sat on a table to spark their curiosity.

Students had the chance to win this TV, as well as an iPod Nano at Bear Bus Day. The event was sponsored by the Bear Bus program, Residence Halls Association and Oakland University Student Congress.

“We collaborated with Student Congress and Residence Halls Association, as well so they can talk to students about what’s going on with them in their departments,” Nick Desrochers, Bear Bus coordinator, said.

Each department had their own table and asked students trivia questions to test their knowledge.

“The reason we ask these questions is because they are all open ended,” Desrochers said. “Most students don’t know the answers to the questions, so then the drivers have the opportunity to educate students with their answers.”

Christine Aranda, Bear Bus supervisor, wants students to know that the Bear Buses exists and are there for students.

“If students want to use the Bear Buses in between classes, that’s great, that is what we are here for,”  she said.

Aranda is a junior at Oakland and has been working with the Bear Bus since fall 2011.

Shuttle schedule

Bear Bus shuttles on campus hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The Bear Bus also transports to off campus locations based on students’ demands.

“Our best improvement, in my opinion, is the expansion of the route times,” Aranda said. “Last year we didn’t have something for students to do every night and now we have something every night for students to do.”

Desrochers said what they are trying to do is generate more interest in the program, and students know they can visit their website and get more information.

Coming to a close

At the very end of Bear Bus Day, prize winners were chosen.

Marc Albo was the winner of the iPod Nano and Brian Willig won the TV.

The Bear Bus is planning on making Bear Bus Day one of their traditions.

“We want traditions for the Bear Bus. We want to make sure students know we are available to them,” Desrochers said. “I also wanted to show we are a very family oriented group.”

Kelly Goolsby, Bear Bus supervisor, said they have had 13,315 riders on the Bear Bus so far.

“Our goal is 16,000 by the end of the year,” she said. “We only had 8,000 last year so we’re already blowing that one out of the water.”