Honors College preparing to make the move to new residence hall

While the plans for the new residence hall are still being finalized, the Honors College has already begun to plan the transition to their new home. The Honors College will make the move to the new building, and the space will feature many social teaching spaces to be used for honors classes and for work on group projects.

“The Honors College wants to be more interactive with the students,” Graeme Harper, dean of the Honors College, said. “This new space will give us a chance to come together as a community.”


Coming together

Even with the new space, the Honors College will still hold classes around the university.

“We want to remain collaborative with the university,” Harper said. “Most of the classes will still be around campus, but some of the higher-level honors classes will be held in the new building.”


Designing the space

 The new space will give students 24/7 access to the Honors College along with access to technology. Computer labs will be present along with other forms of technology including tablets, projectors and large screen TVs.

“By using technology like this we can have a creative way of learning for our students.” Harper said. “ It will really help to give the Honors College a solid footing for the future.”


Moving on

Once the Honors College moves buildings the office where they currently reside will open up.

“This space has done wonders for us,”Harper said. “I’m sure it will picked up quickly.”

Currently, no plans have been made for what to do with the old space and it is still undecided who will enter the space next. The new space will offer the Honors College more room to offer their services to students.

“I’m excited to move over to the new space and see how it works out for us,” Harper said. “It’s innovative like the space we have now but it gives us the room to grow and work with more people.”