E-board budgets discussed at Student Congress meeting

By Jon Davis

The Oakland University Student Congress meeting opened discussion on the summer budget April 15, which led to several legislator discrepancies concerning Electoral Board hours.

Among the opposition was Legislator Rachel Boye, who made two separate amendments to change limits on Executive Board hours.

The first purposed amendment was to change Financial Affairs Director Kartina Stencil’s hours from 15 to 10.

“Past members were only permitted 10,” Boye said. “I don’t think it’s reasonable to assume that (Katrina) will use 15 hours.”

The amendment was fought unsuccessfully by OUSC President Brandon Hanna, who said the revamp in E-board hours comes from his initiative to have E-board members spend more time in the OUSC office.

“While past members usually only had 10, we really want to be in the office more this summer,” Hanna said. “There are lots of students still here in the summer and it’s important that we stay open for them.”

After Boye’s successful amendment change to the Financial Affair Directors hours, she motioned to amend the hours for the Student Activities Funding Board Chair from 25 hours to 20.

Hanna, who was the acting Student Activities Funding Board Chair for three years prior to his presidency, said summer was a busy time for the position, making the boost in hours in necessary.

“Summer is when you meet with Chartwells, hold set forums and allocate prices,” Hanna said. “It’s a busy time and you need and use every hour you’re given.”

The amendment was tabled for the next meeting.

OUSC will be having an emergency meeting on April 29 to further debate the proposed budget.