iPhone 4S 16GB was stolen

A student stated she was at a party on campus from the night of April 5 to the morning of April 6. She was with a group of friends from the basketball team.

When the student tried to locate her phone in the morning, it was missing.

At 12:45 a.m. the student tried to call her missing cell phone, but it was off. Her friends helped her search, but they could not find it.

After contacting Verizon to deactivate the iPhone, the student went to the Verizon store to see if there was any activity.  A text message and phone call were sent to a Pontiac phone number at  1:34 a.m. There were no text messages or phone calls returned.

The iPhone is still missing.


OUPD responded to a call on a reference to a possible fight

A student and her sister had been in an argument concerning the student’s girlfriend. The argument escalated into a physical fight. The student’s sister left campus just before the student’s girlfriend entered the dorm.

The student and her girlfriend began to have an argument as well. It did not become a physical fight.

OUPD ordered the student and her girlfriend to end any further contact for the night. The RA said the hall director  would be notified.


OU police officers dispatched to West Vandenburg Hall for domestic assault

A male student wanted to enter into a female student’s dorm because he had left his sweatpants inside. The student who lived in the dorm said he could only come if he returned some of her clothes.

The male student forced his way into the dorm, and the female student was pushed into the metal bed frame. She then kneed him in the groin and he left.

He returned with her clothing, and she gave him his sweatpants. He then left and did not return her clothing.

Officers arrested the male student, and he was transported to Oakland County Jail.