Oakland’s smoking ban is not a smoker’s choice


With the start of the Fall 2013 semester, Oakland University will be smoke-free. Here’s what you need to know:

The non-smoking policy, Policy 475, states: “Smoking is prohibited on all University owned or operated Campuses and Grounds, and in all University owned or operated Buildings and vehicles” and it “applies to all University faculty, students, staff, contractors, vendors and visitors, and applies to all University owned or operated property except for the private residences in the Meadow Brook Subdivision.” 

Meadow Brook Hall and OU’s golf courses are also exempt from the non-smoking policy.  

Policy 475 also states that violators will be disciplined as they would be with other OU rules and regulations, and it is the responsibility of all students, staff and faculty to enforce the non-smoking policy by notifying correct authorities. 

Complaints involving student smoking can be made and sent  to the Dean of Students Office. For complaints regarding staff smoking, notify the staff member’s supervisor. Complaints regarding faculty smoking can be made and sent to the faculty member’s dean or director.