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    Concerned StudentOct 5, 2023 at 10:12 AM

    In case folks missed this, OU has the WORST student-to-counseling staff ratio of any university in Michigan. This is a travesty. In addition to the attempt mentioned in the article, our community has already lost at least one student to suicide this year.

    For an administration led by a person who routinely touts her credential as a physician, this is inexcusable. Where’s the accountability? How about we stop handing out five-figure bonuses to executives so we can restore front-desk staff at OUCC? Do we really need more vice presidents than MSU? Why don’t we eliminate superfluous executives and their fringe benefits so we can hire more counselors? Does Ora really need a Chief of Staff (much less one with such a questionable record of conduct elsewhere) who earns a six-figure salary?

    This is utterly outrageous. This institution is fundamentally about education, and students deserve better. We can reallocate millions NOW by carving out useless administrative rot. There needs to be change NOW.

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      AnonymousOct 14, 2023 at 1:42 AM

      Ora is not the issue. Glenn Mackintosh is the issue. He is the one who has jurisdiction over counseling. He is the one that ultimately had to sign off for on cutting the counseling center receptionist—who was very close to retirement. This is just another example of what an incompetent clown Glenn is and why he never should have risen to any position of influence at OU to begin with. He is a bodybuilder, not an academic or administrator. He has absolutely no business overseeing the departments he does. Because of his idiocy a student nearly died. Glenn needs to be fired. Plain and simple. Send him back to CrossFit where he belongs.