New faces bring ideas to OUSC

Two new legislators were elected into the Oakland University Student Congress (OUSC) at the Sept. 30 meeting.

Brittany Hall and Nathan Catey were unanimously voted in and join 13 other legislators belonging to OUSC.

Hall who is also member of the E-Board for the Student Program Board (SPB) is ready to take on her responsibilities as a representative of the students.

“I don’t represent the whole student body, but I will do my best to do so,” said Hall.

When asked about any initiatives she had in mind Hall spoke about Oakland University holding a siblings weekend in which the whole campus was involved in order to bring commuters, residents, and their families together.

Freshman Nathan Catey had plenty of ideas for congress as well, including an increase in the tailgate budget, a “drive safe” taxi program for students and a budget for a skate park.

In the past, Catey has traveled to Guatemala and has held raves in order to raise money to feed the hungry in Guatemala. 

Catey’s passion for bringing people of all races and cultures together earned him a spot in the Multicultural Affairs Committee.

Both Hall and Catey were voted into the Tailgate Committee as well, along with legislator Nusrat Zaman.

The new legislators were not the only inductees at the meeting. 

Students Kole Werner, Josh Pokrefky, Elizabeth Iwanski, Michael Culver, and Nicholas Scott were all unanimously voted into the Judiciary Committee headed by Kyler Johnson.

Initiatives passed included the C.B. 14-05 Library Initiatives that would use $2,000 towards a hydration station on the 4th floor of Kresge Library, a continuation of the popular reading/magazine collection, and a renovation of the Reflection Room.

OUSC President Brandon Hanna talked about his Scantron program and how it will “accommodate to the student body as best as possible,” said Hanna.

The program includes two free Scantrons per student everyday so long as they come down to their office and join their GrizzOrgs page and or like/follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Hanna hopes the program will also serve as a way to market Student Congress to the students of OU.

Friday, Oct. 4 the OUSC will team up with the SPB to put on their annual tailgate to support OU Athletic and Club Sports. 

The tailgate will be held at Parking Lot 17 by the Rec Center, where there will be plenty of food, games and fun for all students.

The next OUSC meeting will be Monday, Oct. 7 at 4:00 PM at the Oakland Room in the Oakland Center.