Police Files: October 30

Marijuana use in dorms

Two officers were dispatched to a residency hall for possible marijuana use Oct. 11. 

Nightwatch employees of the hall suspected a student of drug usage. 

Officers detected a strong odor of burned marijuana from the student’s room and ask if he’d been smoking.

The student laughed and said “yeah,” stating he smoked before coming to campus and did not have any on him. 

He was issued a citation for marijuana usage.


Bear Bus struck by vehicle

A student reported health issues Oct. 22 after being involved in a car accident. 

Three days prior, the student was on a Bear Bus when it was struck by another vehicle. 

The student said her head hit the window during the collision and went to the Graham Health Center, but still experienced consistent headaches, dizziness, sensitivity to light and sound and fatigue. 

The student filled out a statement regarding the bus accident.

Student harrassed online

   A student reported being harassed by another student he met online Oct. 24. 

The students started talking after responding to an ad selling textbooks and evolved into communication via Facebook, email and texting.

After a few days of conversing, the victim said the other student made threatening remarks and communicated with his friends.

Officers made contact with the student and told him to cease all forms of contact with the victim from here on out.