I’m ‘Disenchanted’ with the newest Disney+ original

After 15 years, Disney’s “Enchanted” finally has a sequel. The long awaited film starring Amy Adams dropped on Disney+ on Nov. 18. This will be a spoiler-free review. 

In a twist from Disney, this movie is a musical. This movie musical can and does cram in every single song it can, even if it means three songs within twenty minutes of the movie starting. On top of that, the songs didn’t stand out to me, which is odd for a Disney film. 

The plot follows Giselle and her new family moving from New York City to Monroeville. I feel like there wasn’t enough build up or reason as to why they were moving. Giselle’s daughter, Morgan, is a teenager now; she’s portrayed as moody and sarcastic, as most are portrayed in the media. 

The movie does a decent job of establishing how difficult the move is for everyone, which makes me wonder why they chose this particular place to move to. It’s relatable for everyone who’s moved to a new city before. 

I enjoyed the plot line of Giselle’s wish. Seeing the regular world becoming a fairy tale-esque utopia was a fun twist to watch. The villain twist was also cool to see, as it’s an unusual direction for a Disney movie. 

Giselle’s character does a complete 180 in this film. While it’s an interesting twist, she doesn’t feel like the character from the first movie. Probably because she isn’t. It feels like a completely different movie, and the change in character happened way too fast. 

This film is two hours long, and I feel like the pacing could have been much stronger. Some things felt drawn out, others rushed.

A key part of what made the first movie special was the blossoming relationship between Giselle and Robert. In this film, it’s mostly the beginning. The rest of the movie follows Giselle and Morgan, with Robert feeling like a side character at best. 

Having an evil queen and a wicked stepmother be separate characters was an interesting addition to the movie. In these kinds of movies, they’re one in the same. I enjoyed the banter between the two wicked characters and wish we got more of their conflict. 

My favorite parts of the movie were whenever Nancy was on screen. You can’t throw Idina Menzel into a movie and expect me not to watch her. I was happy to see that she got her own song. I mean, it’s Idina Menzel. 

The movie really picked up in the second half once there were less songs and more story focus. The witch’s battle was pretty epic. The characters have clear goals, whereas in the beginning, a lot was glossed over with character progression. 

Overall, this is a movie that has its bright spots, but doesn’t live up to the original film. I feel like this would’ve been better as an original movie instead of an “Enchanted” sequel. It feels like the two films are from completely different worlds. 

Rating: 3/5