Students weigh in on best time to begin listening to Christmas music

Nov. 1 marks the beginning of the holiday season — for some Oakland University students. For others, it’s the day after Thanksgiving, while still others feel the festivities truly begin on Dec. 1. 

No matter what students believe, they each have their own reason for when they start celebrating Christmas — especially through mediums like listening to Christmas music.

Local radio station 100.3 WNIC began celebrating the holiday on Nov. 4 when their “80s to today” format changed to strictly playing Christmas music with the first song of the season —“All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey. It’s a tradition that both excites and angers listeners. 

Some believe Nov. 4 is too early to listen to Christmas music, but it might be considered “too late” for OU senior Skye Traugott. She usually begins listening to Christmas music in September. 

“I feel like people always say [it’s okay to begin listening] around the holidays, but they don’t say what holiday,” Traugott said. “Around Halloween counts — I think the earlier the better.”

Traugott’s birthday is the week of Christmas. She has many memories of her birthday being closely intertwined with the holiday as celebrations included driving around with her family, looking at holiday lights and listening to Christmas music.

“It’s super cheesy, but we always sing Christmas carols,” Traugott said. “We’re really bad singers. I just [enjoy] being with family and loved ones [during Christmastime].” 

While the holiday season couldn’t come any earlier for Traugott, junior Caitlyn Lee doesn’t mind waiting until Dec. 1 to start listening to Christmas music. 

“I would say the beginning of December [is a good time to start listening],” Lee said. “It’s so funny, because I was literally looking at a Snapchat I took last year with Christmas music already playing on the radio right after Halloween.”

Junior Brooke Butler is at the median between Traugott and Lee. The day after Halloween is the most opportune time for Butler to get into the holiday spirit. 

“As soon as Halloween is over, it’s Christmas time to me,” Butler said. “Nov. 1 — I’m listening to Christmas music. I don’t know about it being ‘socially acceptable’ — most people would probably say [they begin listening] after Thanksgiving — but I listen to it literally right after Halloween, just because I love Christmas.” 

Senior Navkiran Singh is also ready to listen to Christmas music, but she can understand why some people may choose to wait.

“People think it’s more [socially acceptable to begin listening] after Thanksgiving,” Singh said. “They want to have enough time to enjoy each holiday.”

With Christmas on the brain, Singh can’t wait to decorate a Christmas tree with her family while listening to her own holiday favorites.

“I always have my Christmas playlist on [while decorating the tree] and dance,” Singh said. “[My family and I] put the ornaments on and it’s just a good time.”

Students can listen to Christmas music — at their own pace, of course — now through Christmas on 100.3 WNIC, or through iHeartRadio.