Former women’s basketball coach Beckie Francis sues Oakland University

Victoria Craw

Beckie Francis, former coach of the women’s basketball team, sued Oakland University Nov. 1. 

Francis’s lawyer, Deborah Gordon, said Francis wants access to a file that explains why she was terminated.

“What we’re asking for is the court to order Oakland University to provide Ms. Francis with a complete copy of her personnel record, including the portion that sets forth the reasons she was relieved of her duties,” Gordon said. 

The lawsuit is filed under the Bullard-Plawecki Employee Right-to-Know Act, which gives employees the right to receive their complete employment file, according to Gordon. 

“The University for the last three months has basically declined or refused to provide Ms. Francis with that portion of her file,” Gordon said. 

An emergency hearing takes place Nov. 6 at the Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac.

“I’m hoping the judge will order (Oakland University) to turn over her file to her,” Gordon said. “We want to know why Oakland University is taking the position it’s taking and why she was relieved of her duties. Why is it a secret? (Oakland University) is a public entity.”

David Groves, Oakland University’s Media Relations Assistant Director, provided  this statement:

“The University has been engaged with the former head basketball coach’s attorney and has already provided her with substantial documentation. While doing so, however, the University has been careful to respond in a manner that properly balanced the University’s various legal obligations, including the federally mandated protection of student privacy rights. The University will continue to strive to protect the privacy rights of its students.”