Writing letters of thanks


A luncheon was held for scholarship recipients to write letters of gratitude to Oakland University donors.

“The idea behind this is to show gratitude for what folks have done,” Brenda Wehrli, campaign director at Oakland University said.

Much of Oakland University’s campus was created through generous donations, and for some students a scholarship can be the deciding factor in a students’ education.

Students who received scholarships were sent an e-mail to RSVP to the luncheon. At lunch they wrote thank you letters to their donors at told them how it impacted their lives.

“We want the students to talk about what the scholarship meant for them. It’s a great way to show appreciation to the donor,” Wehrli said.

Molly Galbreath a freshman psychology major was awarded a scholarship by the Village Women’s Club for Birmingham that lead her to come to Oakland University.

“I was choosing between two schools at the time,” Galbreath said. “I’m telling them it helped me a lot and ultimately was the scholarship that made me decide to come to Oakland.”

For Galbreath, this scholarship means extra money left over for graduate school.

Kelsey Ball, junior double major in Spanish and social work, also attended the luncheon to show her appreciation.

“It’s allowed me to continue my education with less stress on money and debts after I graduate,” Ball said.

Ball wrote her letter of appreciation to Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Although this was their first time having a luncheon for donors they are hoping to make it a bigger component at OU.

“Quite honestly some of these donors set up funds years ago, some are no longer with us. But their children receive the letters, hear the stories and see the legacy their parents left behind,” Wehrli said.

A video was also made by Oakland University, to show gratitude and give viewers an understanding of how donors have impacted life at OU.

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