Police Files: 11/27

Car vandalized in parking lot

OUPD was dispatched to the Nicholson Apartments’ parking lot Nov. 22 at 1:51 p.m. 

When the student came out to her car, she noticed the driver’s side and windshield were covered in egg yolk and shells. 

The student said she thought the people who egged her car was a couple that she had a traffic altercation with Nov. 21.  

The student pulled into the parking spot, and the couple exited their car and approached her car.  The couple began yelling at her through her window, so the student called OUPD.  Officers took statements from both parties and asked them to separate.

OUPD is continuing the investigation.



Student issued a ticket for minor in possession

Oakland officers responded to a call for an odor investigation from a resident adviser in South Hamlin Hall Nov. 20 at 7:10 p.m.

The resident advisor said the floor smelled of marijuana and referenced to a specific dorm room.  Officers knocked on the door and the student gave consent to enter.  They stated the smell of marijuana became stronger.

OU officers were given consent to search the dorm. In a Vans shoebox, they found three marijuana containers, a scale, two glass jars, a lighter, a cork pipe and a silver flask.  The student denied that they were hers and said that it belonged to a friend. 

Her roommate told her to stop lying, and officers took the roommate outside. The roommate said that when she and her boyfriend entered, the room smelled like marijuana and said the marijuana did not belong to her friend.

Another officer found a half empty bottle of spiced rum, which the student insisted was her friend’s bottle.

OUPD issued a ticket to the student, poured out the rum and confiscated the marijuana and paraphernalia.


—Compiled by Haley Kotwicki,

Chief Copy Editor