Oakland University acknowledges Francis firing


Former women’s basketball coach, Beckie Francis, was fired from Oakland University for mentally and emotionally abusing her players, according to a document filed in circuit court Friday, Nov. 8 and published today by The Detroit Free Press.

This is the first time OU has publicly acknowledged the specific reasons for Francis’ termination.

Francis is suing the university to obtain an un-redacted copy of the internal investigation report that led to her firing.

The former coach has requested the file five times and so far, has only been given copies that were redacted, “To the point only the headings were legible.” 

Oakland says the last version of the report provided more than just headings and stated “(Francis is) obsessed with nutrition and body fat. Francis controls how much they (student athletes) eat, when and what they eat.” 

Without the documents, Francis said she is left to “Theorize as to the cause of her for-cause termination,” according to the filing.

The school’s response was that “Francis’ desperation is feigned.”

The university maintains that Francis participated in two meetings with the university, totaling more than two hours, where it was explained why she was suspended and later terminated.

One of the reasons, according to the university filing, is that  Francis “sent out countless tweets demonstrating a total disregard of her direct supervisor’s reasonable instruction that she keep her religious proselytizing separate from her activities as Oakland’s basketball coach.”

A hearing is scheduled for the morning of Nov. 13. 

The Oakland Post will continue to update this story