Anticipated YA Sequels of 2022

DJ Lester, Arts Reporter

Summer 2022 has delivered some dazzling debuts and sophomore showings from up and coming authors in the Young Adult (YA) genre. As we get further into summer, more and more sequels from some of YA’s most popular series are being released. 

From sequels to spin-offs, many follow ups of popular stories are coming out in Summer 2022. Here are some of my most anticipated sequels for this summer. 

“The Merciless Ones” – May 31

Breakout YA juggernaut ‘The Gilded Ones” is getting a sequel. Author Namina Forna’s fantasy debut’s second installment will be released just in time for summer. ‘The Merciless Ones’ continues with outcast protagonist Deka six months where ‘The Gilded Ones’ left off. In the ancient kingdom of Otera, war rages across the kingdom. Deka has discovered who she truly is after spending her life in fear of her “curse”. A dark force looms over Otera, and Deka’s army must band together to stop it. 

“Empress Crowned in Red” – June 7

Ciannon Smart – author of YA book ‘Witches Steeped in Gold’ is back with the sequel ‘Empress Crowned in Red.’ For fans of Sabaa Tahir, this dark fantasy kicks off where the first book ended. Rival witches Jazmyne and Iraya have to face a threatening rival in this second installment. With a new threat on the horizon, both girls are faced with challenges, trials, revenge, and thirst for power. 

“Tokyo Dreaming” – May 31

Want to read more about Princess Izumi Tanaka and her Princess Diaries-esque journey? Well, “Tokyo Ever After’ – Emiko Jean’s first book in this series – is getting a sequel. Izumi’s journey continues as she navigates the pressures from a regular teenager to Princess of Tokyo. After becoming a princess overnight, Izumi’s life has drastically changed. Her parents are even back together, and there’s potentially a royal wedding in the future. Problem? Their marriage approval is refused by the Imperial Household Council due to Izumi’s mother and their lack of pedigree. 

“Forging Silver into Stars” – June 7

The ‘A Curse so Dark and Lonely’ author Brigid Kemmerer is back with a new installation to the popular Beauty and the Beast retelling. The original trilogy was a retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast story set in Emberfall, a mythical land which protagonist Harper stumbles upon. The final book in the trilogy was released in January 2021. ‘Forging Silver into Stars’ will be a spinoff of the original trilogy, following the point of view (pov) of Tycho, who first appeared in the second book of the series ‘A Heart so Fierce and Broken’.  It’s exciting to get more of Kemmerer’s worldbuilding and characters.

“This Wicked Fate” – June 21

‘Cinderella is Dead’ author Kalynn Bayron is bringing readers back to the world of Greek mythology and Briseis in the sequel to ‘This Poison Heart’. This book, set to release mid June, will dive deeper into Briseis and her family’s deadly magic in order to save her mother. Perfect for fans of ‘Legendborn’ and ‘Lore’, this book will explore Briseis’ ancestry and the secret behind her mysterious powers, continuing the themes of family and sisterhood from the first book.