Editorial: Don’t give OU the cold shoulder over its snow day decisions

Oakland University just can’t win.

If they keep classes going, people complain. If they cancel classes, people still complain. They’re in a fight they just can’t win, and the student body won’t let them step out of the ring.

On a recent Facebook status notifying people of its closure on Tuesday, Jan. 7, which now stands at 92 comments, 53 are negative and directly attack the university. 

It’s that misplaced anger and misguided judgment that makes the student body all the more ugly, and all the more dangerous to the university’s ability to make a effective decision in a reasonable time.

Oakland University is not the cause of poor weather, nor does it want it.

It wants to run classes on time—that is how it earns money to operate. But it also doesn’t want commuters, who are the majority of its student body population, traveling in hazardous conditions.

 After all, you can’t sign up for classes next semester if the winter claims your life this semester.

So why must the university receive such fallacious contempt from its students? 

Would it not be more effective to step aside and allow the university to make its own decisions, and accept that it is informed enough to do what is best for its campus?

In other words, trust that the university knows its own business.

Some may be angry about their professor’s schedule, which will now be altered due to university actions. 

But, like the university, professors are not incompetent to their business. They will alter their schedule, and will make time to cover course work. 

Aside from that, the only day that will be missed is the first—a day generally assigned to going over a syllabus and what is to be expected in class. 

Filler work. A day spent doing nothing.

There is no logical reason to be upset with Oakland University. They’re making an informed decision with the concern of the students in mind. 

If you want to promulgate for bitter hatred, at least choose a target everyone can enjoy: Michigan’s terrible weather. 

If slack has ever needed to be cut, it’s here.