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Holiday traditions: A little piece of who you are

Leticia Cezário Santos, Marketing Director December 7, 2022

The Holidays are here! Independently of how you celebrate it, I'm sure this time of the year brings many memories to your mind.  Traditions are often around long enough to make us stop noticing them,...

Shelby Tankersley,

Letter from the editor: That’s a wrap

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief April 10, 2018

Hey readers, I don't know about you guys, but I had a few fictional characters that I aspired to be when I was a kid. Among them were Wonder Woman, Lois Lane, Chloe Sullivan and Hermione Granger. But...

Staff Editorial: Today’s gun violence

Staff Editorial: Today’s gun violence

The Postie Editors March 6, 2018

The events of weeks past have gotten us here at The Oakland Post thinking about guns and the role they play in our country. Especially with the events at Central Michigan University on Friday, March 2,...

Shelby Tankersley,

Letter from the Editor: “The Post” and journalism today

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief January 16, 2018

Hey readers, In the Department of Journalism, we love a good newspaper flick. I remember taking Media Ethics with Director of Journalism, Garry Gilbert (who is also our editorial adviser here at The...

Shelby Tankersley,

Letter from the editor: Local journalism clears the smoke

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief November 28, 2017

Hey readers, The Post’s editors and I have this group chat. When we’re not communicating entirely through GIFs, we use it to let each other know if something newsworthy is going on and to decide if...

Shelby Tankersley,

Letter from the editor: Crossing boarders

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief October 31, 2017

Hey readers, So this guy from North Carolina comes up to me and proceeds to tell me that he’s the best thing to ever happen to sports journalism. OK dude, whatever. I was standing in front of him,...

Left: Cheyanne Kramer, right: Shelby Tankersley

Letter from the editors: It’s time to look back

Shelby Tankersley and Cheyanne Kramer, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor October 23, 2017

Hey readers, Welcome to the Looking Back Issue. Looking Back has been Cheyanne’s baby for a little over a year now. But for those of you who are unfamiliar with the column, here’s what it’s all...

Letter from the editor: The first amendment matters

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief September 19, 2017

Hey readers, As an aspiring journalist, I am a big fan of the first amendment. Free speech, peaceful assembly, religious freedom, free press and the right to petition. I love it all. It is, in my opinion,...

Letter from the editor: Its going to be a wild ride

Letter from the editor: It’s going to be a wild ride

Shelby Tankersley, Editor-In-Chief September 5, 2017

Hey readers, I’m Shelby, a gal who has come from the streets of Davison to be your editor-in-chief. After three years with The Oakland Post as an intern, reporter and section editor, I am beyond excited...

Cheyanne Kramer performs a monologue at the event.

Coming out on campus

Cheyanne Kramer, Web Editor October 18, 2016

Ever since 1995, Oakland University has had a clause in its nondiscrimination policy regarding students in same-sex relationships. For 21 years, OU has been a space where gay and lesbian students are protected...

Isaiah Brock deserves a break

Paige Brockway, Editor-in-Chief October 11, 2016

At 22, U.S. Army veteran Isaiah Brock has seen far more than your average college freshman. He spent four years serving in places including Kandahar, Afghanistan and Kuwait as a mortuary affairs specialist. His...

Editorial: Another week, another closed board of trustees meeting

Kristen Davis February 15, 2016

Oakland University administration has a history of acting in secrecy, and it appears that despite attempts from students, faculty and the community to convey to campus leaders that the lack of transparency...

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