Letter from the editor: It’s going to be a wild ride

Hey readers,

I’m Shelby, a gal who has come from the streets of Davison to be your editor-in-chief. After three years with The Oakland Post as an intern, reporter and section editor, I am beyond excited to steer the ship and teach my peers about journalism during my senior year.

I have loved writing  about what is happening on campus with my friends and coworkers here at The Post since the moment I walked in our office as a (terrified) freshman. As a longtime “Postie,” I want to impress upon you that this newspaper is something our staff takes very seriously. I can promise that every story we write and issue we produce is our best work. The students on our staff may come and go, but the spirit of hard-work never seems to leave.

But, while I’m sure you’re all very moved by my love of the news and this newspaper, this editorial is not about me. I’d much rather talk about what you can look forward to reading this year.

The Post has a great tradition of producing quality journalism for Oakland University students, staff and faculty that is written entirely by Oakland University students. In the three issues my team and I have produced so far, I have seen a lot of promise and am confident they will give you quality stories every week.

I hope that you, too, will read their work and not just grab an issue for the crossword and the Hungry Howies coupons. The students at The Post have the opportunity to grow as writers, and it is truly rewarding to watch them improve with every article. Aside from reading the work of our budding student journalists, we have a slew of things readers can look forward to.


This might be the most exciting year our usually barren Campus Section has ever had (I can say that, I used to be the Campus editor). We will be following the construction of the Southern Housing Complex and the Oakland Center renovation (and since our office is smack in the middle of the renovation, you might even get some good satire out of it).

As usual, we will keep an eye on Oakland’s Board of Trustees and provide summaries of its meetings. These are the people that make the big decisions for our school, they choose how much we pay for tuition and who our president is. So, the Post is always represented at the meetings.

And, of course, we have a new president this year: Ora Hirsch Pescovitz. The Post’s editorial team met with her late last month and we are excited to have a president that is willing to work with student-run media, which has not always been the case. You can see the write-up of our interview with her along with some things you may not expect about her on page nine.


Last month, Oakland welcomed the School of Music, Theatre and Dance. We’re looking forward to seeing what the new school accomplishes in its first year with OU’s resident entertainers.

We are also welcoming a fashion column to our lineup this year. One of our reporters spent her summer working in New York City’s fashion industry. She’ll be keeping up with trends, examining industry happenings and will sit down for Q&A’s with professionals in the industry.

Although my jeans and I are not the target audience for this column, I think she has some great experience and inside-advice that the fashion-savvy crowd will love. Her first installment is on page eight.


Nearly every week, a political contributor and our web editor will write about what is going on in The White House, on the Senate floor and in the neighborhoods of America.  this week, we’re taking a look at jury duty and North Korea on page 14.

We also love to hear from you through letters to the editor, which are published in our Perspectives Section.


Some of the stories we’re looking forward to are the football club’s big move to campus and basketball tournament season. We’re also going to give Oakland’s club sports teams more coverage this year. Of course, we’re all rooting for some more Horizon League titles for the Golden Grizzlies this year.

Stick with us, we’re looking forward to everything we get to cover this year. Reporting to you from The Post newsroom:

Shelby Tankersley,