Police Files: Feb 12

Harrassing texts and letter

OUPD was dispatched to Wilson Hall for a harrassment complaint Feb. 7 at 9:00 a.m.

The officer met with student at the General Counsel’s office.  The student said she had been receiving harrassing text messages from an unknown number.  

The officer found that the text messages were not threatening in nature, but there was a large amount of texts sent to the student and this concerned her personally.  The student said she tried to leave a voicemail to the unknown number’s inbox, but the inbox was not set up.

The student admitted she was nervous because a typed letter in an envelope was sent to her home address.  It had no return address.

OUPD asked the student to send the texts by email and deliver the letter to the station.

The investigation is still pending.


Fleeing police

An officer was making rounds Feb. 8 on the east side of the campus when the officer noticed a car by Meadow Brook Hall’s garage at 3 am.

The officer believed that the car did not belong to a employee at Meadow Brook Hall.

While the officer two people dressed in black. When they noticed the police car, they ran into a wooded area behind the carriage house and garages.

The officer radioed for back up.

OUPD was able to find a female in the woods near the Knoll Cottage.  The other runner was a male and was captured when officers boxed him in with their cars. He continued to jog toward the officers with his hands in his pockets.  They pulled out their sidearms and ordered him to the ground, he complied.

Both the male and female admitted they were underage and were drinking, and that is why they fled.

After a voluntary breath test, they blew .094 and .126

Both were issued citations.