WXOU receives “Best College Radio station” award for third year


Have you ever wondered what the noise is in the basement of the Oakland Center? It’s the sound of victory, that’s what. 

With the titles of 2012 and 2013 Michigan Association of Broadcasters “Best College Radio Station” under its belt and a third 2014 win, Oakland’s own WXOU is making itself heard on campus and in the world of college radio.

The MAB’s Student Broadcasting Awards for best radio station are a yearly affair and decided by a point system, accumulated through each station’s submissions to a variety of categories.

“We submit entries in everything from sports talk to news to promotional items,” explained senior and the station’s general manager Patrick Cymbalski. “From there they tally up our scores and post them to the MAB website.”

Thus far, things are looking good for WXOU. With first place standings in four of the seven categories and a first, second, and third place sweep in the “Current Events Program” category, it appears as if WXOU has tuned into the winning wavelength for the third year in a row.

“Being considered for an award like this goes a long way to show that we’ve taken our little basement program and turned into something of world-class caliber,” said Promotions Director Scott Hunter. “It’s easy to forget that we do things that other people notice, and it’s different and great to know that our professional peers are also noticing.”

The official award ceremony will be at Lansing Mar. 12, where WXOU hopes to be awarded the title of “Best College Radio Station” for another year. 

Currently, Oakland University stands in first place, followed by Central Michigan University in second and Michigan State University in third.

“For years, Michigan State was the top contender when it came to college radio, but now it’s us,” said Cymbalski, who has been with the station since 2009. “We’re establishing ourselves as a powerhouse radio station. Right now, radio’s probably the last thing you think of when you think of OU, but we’re actively working to change that.”

Despite WXOU’s recent gain over Michigan State’s radio program and its eleven-year winning streak, the Grizzlies have chosen to take the higher road when it comes to gloating.

“We’re classy about it,” said music director and senior Ashley Allison. “They congratulated us on Twitter, and I think we have a mutual respect for each other.”

“We shouldn’t have a rivalry,” added Hunter. “We should all be working for the same goal of promoting college radio values.”

“This year we’re starting to realize that [winning] hasn’t just been a fluke,” said Allison. “We’re actually good and having everyone else see that we actually do things that matter is the coolest thing ever.”