Grizz Dome update: Repairs, reinflation of the facility begin


Sophie Hume

The process of repairing and re-inflating the collapsed Grizz Dome began Monday afternoon.

The process of repairing and re-inflating the Grizz Dome began Monday afternoon. While the work of restoring the athletic facility is underway, costs and the timeline for when the dome will be operational again are still unknown.

Assistant Athletic Director for Facilities and Event Management Andy Adrianse provided the following update on the situation:

“We were able to get a service team on site [Monday] afternoon so we are just getting underway with determining the full extent of the damage while also working around inclement weather. The plan for now is to make repairs to the exterior and then begin the inflation process. Once inflated, we can then get a better sense of the interior space which will likely include additional structural repairs, repair of lighting fixtures, and also assess the sports related equipment to determine what can be salvaged or might need replacement. 

This is truly a team effort that involves many of our support areas of campus including Facilities Management, Purchasing, Risk Management, Legal, Finance, etc. Everyone involved is contributing with a sense of urgency, recognizing the space is an important resource for our campus and community. It remains uncertain at this point in time as to when the Grizz Dome will be safe to engage in regular activity again.

The Grizz Dome collapsed due to a campus-wide power outage and winter storm conditions early in the morning on Saturday, Feb. 19. OU sports teams including: baseball, softball, soccer, golf, track and field and cross country all relied on the dome as a practice facility.