University issues statement, update on Grizz Dome collapse


Sophie Hume

A zoomed-out photo of the Grizz Dome which collapsed early Saturday morning. The canvas is currently situated on the ground, with only doors and similar rigid features left standing upright.

Oakland University athletic facility the Grizz Dome collapsed early Saturday morning. While the situation is still being assessed, OU Director of Media Relations Brian Bierley provided the following statement from the university as an update.

The campus power outage occurred at 3:11 AM on Saturday morning due to the severe weather conditions overnight February 18 onto February 19.  DTE is investigating and will report back to OU. Power was restored back to campus at 5:30 AM on Saturday, February 19.

During that time, the Grizz Dome generator kicked on and activated fans to provide pressure for the dome to be intact and stable. It was observed by OU staff at the site that the dome was torn around the edges above the heating unit which we believe was caused by the high winds. Moreover, there was ice and a snow load on the roof. The fan unit was unable to maintain pressure to keep the dome inflated.

The dome manufacturer has been contacted to send their service team to assess the damage. The company will provide the scheduled time frame to OU. We have no cost estimate for the damage at this time.

Total Sports is coordinating rescheduling community sports activities.

Oakland University Athletics is rescheduling varsity activities.

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