OUSC proposes sponsoring another tailgate in the Spring



he Oakland University Student Congress discussed the proposal of a second OUSC-sponsored BYOB tailgate on Monday, March 10, approving the resolution supporting the idea of the event, and adding a line item for the next meeting to approve tailgate committee chair Josh Pokrefky.

The proposed tailgate, slated for the spring, would celebrate the spring sports season, but “needs to be approved by an administrator before anything’s made official,” according to OU Student Body President Brandon Hanna.  “The last one went really well, and we’re hoping for the best,” he said.

OUSC held its first-ever BYOB tailgate this fall, celebrating the addition of OU’s football team during the annual Week of Champions.

“OU has great events to get the students involved,” junior Rachel Redford said of the event.

Discussions of the possible spring tailgate will continue in future meetings.

Heating up the agenda and the discussion between OUSC legislators was talk over the newly revised student congress constitution, particularly the potential separation of the Student Activities Funding Board and the Student Program Board from OUSC.

“Now’s the time to do so more than ever,” stated legislator and SPB member Brittany Hall.

“It’s been a long time coming,” added former OUSC Vice President Robbie Williford.

Opponents of the separation argued against the split, saying that the funding board should not share office space with congress if it is to be a separate institution. Discussion on the issue will continue in upcoming meetings.

Additional debate ensued over whether the multicultural initiatives chair should be removed from the e-board and if the RHA representative should be granted voting privileges.

“Even though some topics were controversial, the constitution hadn’t been updated since 2007 and was very outdated,” said Hanna. “It’s good we are working through the new changes to update things.”

The next OUSC meeting will be Monday, March 17 at 4:00 p.m. at the Oakland Room in the Oakland Center.