The best sad girl Valentine’s Day songs


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Are your only plans this Valentine’s Day to cry into your self-purchased assorted chocolate? Cool, cause Tori and Lauren have got your soundtrack covered.

Lauren Reid and Tori Coker

It’s that time of year again! Single Person Shaming Da— or sorry, Valentine’s Day xoxo! If you’re planning on crying this Valentine’s Day (same), we’ve got the music to match your tears. <3

“Punisher” — Phoebe Bridgers (Lauren)

Honestly — listening to Phoebe Bridgers is a one-way ticket to sob station, but it’s the kind of cry you need once in awhile. Or if you’re me, once a day (help). “What if I told you, I feel like I know you, but we never met,” actually makes me keel over emotionally every single time. And while you’re at it, just hop in bed, stare at the ceiling and listen to the entire album. “Graceland Too” and “Moon Song” will also impact you during your quarter life crisis, trust me — I’m speaking from intense personal experience.

“Silver Springs” — Fleetwood Mac (Tori)

No one pens a sad love song with an undertone of anger quite like Mother Witch Stevie Nicks. While it’s unlikely many of us share in quite the amount of tumultuous relations that went down in this one band circa the 1970’s (but hey, I don’t know your business) this gem of a break up song is vastly underrated, often swallowed up by other songs which chronicle its same story (“Dreams,” “Go Your Own Way.”) If you’re looking to drown your lonely-heart-sorrows in a sea of raspy vocals and lyrics like, “I’ll follow you down ‘til the sound of my voice will haunt you, you’ll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you,” this is your tune.

“Give Me a Minute” — Lizzy McAlpine (Lauren)

This one successfully harnesses sadness and loss, but also hope, which makes it a great lonely Valentine’s Day listen. When you accidentally hop on Instagram and are romantically SLAPPED by your happily in-love mutuals, throw your headphones on and listen to this gem instead.

“Paul” — Big Thief (Tori)

Who doesn’t love commitment issues?! Self-loathing is fun! For anyone feeling a little down and out about themselves and the part their fear of vulnerability played in their own solitude this V-Day (apologies for the callout), this track will speak to your every wound.

“Epilogue” — Justin Hurwitz from “La La Land” (Lauren)

Sure, there are no lyrics to be found in this seven minute, 39 second masterpiece — but the energy exuded is absolutely irreplaceable. Nothing brings me more joy than imagining myself heel-clicking around street lamps with Ryan Gosling in the crisp California air — nothing. If you see me wearing Emma Stone’s iconic yellow dress on Valentine’s Day trying to harness the vibes, truly mind your business.

“Communication” — The Cardigans (Tori)

This one requires a little imagination on my single brain’s part — inserting myself into a relationship in the first place before expressing discontent with it — but stick with me, fellow loners. Tucked between this song’s intoxicatingly fragile vocals and aching guitar is a tale of someone who long couldn’t let anyone get too close themselves trying to connect meaningfully with their partner, who makes it anything but easy. This song is so good it almost makes me want that kind of heartbreak just to relate… at the very least I’d like to claim it as the sad girl Communication major anthem. Okay? Okay.

So this year, while you cry into your self-purchased assortment of CVS chocolates, think of us and add these to your Spotify queue.