Police Files: March 12

Larceny in bathroom

An OUPD officer responded to Elliot Hall for larceny March 10.

The officer entered the fourth floor women’s restroom and met with a campus employee.  She said that when she entered the room to clean, she discovered someone had bent back the door to the tampon machine.  There were no pry marks on the door.

There was no money left in the machine, but it appeared that the tampons were still there.


Equipment not returned

An ex-lacrosse coach approached the dispatch window to report stolen property March 8.

He said he let another player borrow his lacrosse equipment, and he agreed to return it.  

The player failed to attend any team practices about three or four days after he borrowed the equipment.  The ex-coach called him, but the player did not return those calls.

A few weeks later, the ex-coach saw the player at his fraternity’s house and confronted him.  The player agreed to return the equipment, but the ex-coach never saw him again.  

The equipment was worth $1,040.


Harrassment over phone

A faculty memnder called OUPD because she received a lewd call on her office phone in Pryale Hall March 6 at 1:15 p.m.

  The caller had a masculine voice with a British accent.  The caller said a sexually explict statement to the faculty member. The call could not be traced.


Theft in the Oakland Center

A student approached the dispatch window as his property was stolen March 8 at 5:26 a.m.

The student left his Nike duffle bag unattended in the Oakland Center as he went to the restroom March 7 at 5:00 p.m.  When he returned, his bag was gone.

The bag contained a prescription for Adderall, a text book, clothes and a grafting calculator. 


— Compiled by Haley Kotwicki,

Chief Copy Editor