OUSC Update: New Student Body President and Vice President named


Student Body President Annie Meinberg and Vice President Liz Iwanski

Sophomores Annie Meinberg and Liz Iwanski have been named Student Body President and Vice President for the 2014-2015 academic year, respectively.

According to the Oakland University Student Congress Facebook page, Meinberg and Iwanski won with a total of 541 votes. Candidates Andre Mitchell and Kate Bergell followed with 332 votes, and candidates Bria Ellis and Andrew Laux with 206 votes.

Meinberg and Iwanski will be sworn in on Monday, April 7 and will have their first meeting with the administration on Monday, April 14.

Power team, power planning

Meinberg and Iwanski said they have been working together since the summer of 2013, when they were Orientation Group Leaders.

“It has tremendously helped us that we initially met as coworkers yet in a very social environment as OGLs,” Meinberg wrote via email. “Liz was permanently nicknamed ‘Mama Liz’ this past summer because of her caring, mature, and responsible nature. While I was nicknamed ‘Baby Amy’ (‘Amy’ after our boss), the puzzle pieces fit to create the perfect partnership.”

“The experience really helped to cultivate our passion for OU and drove us to get even more involved this year,” Iwanski wrote via email. “We realized that we work extremely well together in coming up with ideas and reaching positive results.”

The two have many plans for next year, according to Iwanski. Initiatives they will be working on include giving students free guest passes to the REC center, extended cafeteria hours and creating more positions and programs to deal with environmental sustainability.

“We also want to continue working with administration to ease the parking issues,” Iwanski wrote.

These are just are just a few of the plans the team said it has in mind.

Iwanski and Meinberg also want to create more awareness of OUSC and “the good that it does,” according to Iwanski.

“During our time as legislators we were able to witness and participate in the difference that Student Congress really makes on campus as well as learn about past successes like the 24-hour library, the Bike Share program, the Scantron Vending Machine, and the Readership Program,” Iwanski wrote. “After seeing the good that OUSC has done it just seemed natural for Annie and myself to apply our love of OU to the positions of Student Body President and Vice President in order to try and do as much good as possible. I can’t wait to make a difference.”

“Oakland University has provided me numerous opportunities and I will continue to work hard and represent OU,” Meinberg wrote. “We want to set a standard for future OUSC members to have goals, work hard, and be friendly!”

To read more about the new team and its plans for Oakland visit www.imforou.com.

Other results to note:

The legislators for the next academic year, as announced by the OUSC Facebook page, are: Brandon Hanna, Brittany Hall, Jeffrey Cox, Victoria Franso, Cassandra Hock, Kyler Johnson, Andre Sykes, Nathan Catey, Nick Walter, Madison Kubinski, Josh Pokrefky, Ellen Searle, Laina Townsend, Jeffrey Schuett, Matthew Light and write-ins Jorge Garcia and Kristie Nixon.

The constitution and its proposed revisions did not pass with a total of 530 votes.

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