It doesn’t matter if ‘Don’t Look Up’ was bad


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“Don’t Look Up,” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, may not have been the best movie ever, but its message is extremely important.

Everyone is so far from reality these days, on seemingly unreachable planets, that we have to just try making bad movies with deep meanings and mock people to get anyone’s attention.

“Don’t Look Up” is a satire movie that everyone and their mother needs to watch. It’s a movie that serves a purpose — to bring to attention how ridiculous we have become, how science matters and how the climate change crisis WILL kill us all.

The movie follows Dr. Randall Mandy (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence), two scientists that have discovered a comet that will entirely wipe out the planet. And guess what? No one cares.

They spend the whole movie trying to convince people and President Orlean (Meryl Streep) to care about the mass extinction of the human race. They attend press conferences, make TV appearances, shout and scream the news as much as they can — but they just become a joke and a meme and no one will take them seriously.

As they try to convince the public to just look up and see the comet, the President and other members have been starting the campaign, “don’t look up” in hopes people won’t believe Dr. Mandy and Dibiasky.

“Don’t Look Up” is satire, it even says it is based on true events — that haven’t happened… yet. This movie is hitting the mark on the truth behind it’s message: people are ignorant, not believing science and it’s all about the polls, all the time.

Whether you see the side of of “Don’t Look Up” that is a metaphor for climate change and the crisis behind it, or the side pushes the message that people deny the facts of science, which can be seen in more situations than just climate change in the real world, this movie is definitely worth the watch.

Netflix really brought out the big guns for this film, having DiCaprio, Lawrence, Streep and many others such as Jonah Hill, Ariana Grande, Timothée Chalamet to all be in the movie and make it as influential as possible. Now, if you’re the type of person that only thinks a movie is good if it has big name actors in it, this definitely will be your favorite movie.

While I understood the movie, I got the purpose and I know it was satire, I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped. “Don’t Look Up” was very hyped up for a film, and sounded like it was going to be one of the best movies Netflix has ever made, but it wasn’t.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter that “Don’t Look Up” was a bad movie, it does what it needs to do: make people look like fools. I was nervous it would cross the line of “The Day After Tomorrow” or “2012” like a typical end of the world movie, but the director was careful not to cross that line so the message could be understood, and the movie would get its point across. It needed to stand out.

What better way to stand out than to be a little bad and create a satirical but realistic vibe to the whole movie. There was definitely acting in the movie, I won’t say it’s good, but then again not supposed to be. It’s almost hard to form an opinion on a movie that is supposed to be bad, satirical and just serve a purpose of creating a message.

“Don’t Look Up” highlights many things in real life, in the movie they might seem ridiculous, but they aren’t even exaggerating anything — that’s just how ridiculous we are. I can feel the frustration behind director Adam McKay’s message.

Now, will this movie be enough of an eye opener to the people higher up? Who knows, all I know is that climate change is real, science is real and politicians are on thin ice.

5/5 stars for the movie message

2.5/5 stars