Student’s car pushed into Bear Lake


On Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. at Oakland University a red Chrysler Sebring was pushed into Bear Lake. It was not pulled back out until shortly after 4 p.m.

According to Oakland University Police Department Chief of Police Mark Gordon, a motor home was towing a white van in parking lot P2. When the van was unhitched from the motor home, it was still in neutral and rolled down the hill, pushing the Sebring out of its spot and into the lake.

Nobody was injured, but the four-hour rescue mission required the assistance of a massive tow-truck equipped with a crane.

Dozens of people watched the afternoon-long drama, including the car’s owner, Shauna Hazime.

Hazime said she was in class at Wilson and discovered her car in the lake after getting out of class.

“I come out finding out I could graduate in April and find my car in a lake,” Hazime said. “There’s nothing I can do.”

Director of Pre-College Programs and Communication Program Lecturer Reginald McCloud was parked in the lot where the accident occurred and was there when it happened.

McCloud said the motor home was trying to maneuver around a curve and that’s why the drivers of the motor home unhitched the van.

Junior Gage Zurawski was outside of the OC by the lot when the accident occurred. He was getting ready for a Live Action Role Play practice when he saw what happened.

Zurawski said when he saw the van rolling downhill an older man cried out for help and he ran over to try and stop the red Sebring from being pushed into the lake. Another student who was walking across the bridge at the time ran over to help as well.

“Between the two of us we couldn’t stop it,” Zurawski said. “There’s only so much you can do when it’s moving so fast.”

Admissions Ambassador Josh Rieck was giving a tour in Vandenberg Hall when he saw the accident take place through the glass doors of the front entrance of Vandenberg.

Hazime has already filed a police report.

No citation was issued for either party in the accident, according to OUPD Lieutenant Terry Ross.

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