Construction continues on OU campus

Tickets and rubble fill the parking lots, noisy machines and tools are heard around campus. “Warning” and “keep out” signs are found around every corner, all bundled up into a fast-growing university.

OU’s campus is currently undergoing fifteen new construction projects. Certain projects will be finished through May while others will be completed throughout the summer and up to early November.

Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management Terry Stollsteimer said these projects will benefit all students.

Projects include a new golf facility, a new dining hall, road and sidewalk repairs, a new parking structure and much more. The most noteworthy project, however, appears to be the new residence hall. 

“The new residence hall will house a mix of freshmen and upper class students,” Director of Housing James Zentmeyer said. “The Honors College administrative and meeting space is moving to the new residence hall.”

The new residence hall can be seen from Walton Boulevard and is located across from Vandenberg Hall. It will open in early August to all resident students. The staff is hoping to move furniture into the building by the middle of July, according to Zentmeyer.

“Some floors will be housing students in the Honors College program by request in this location,” he said.

The new residence hall will also be available to students who are not in the Honors College.

“Other floors will house non-Honors College students by request in this location,” Zentmeyer said. “This new facility, along with our existing residence halls and apartments, are proving to be immensely popular with our returning students.”

$30 million went into the state-of-the-art residence hall. The hall features a small café and a private space for student meetings and studying.

All the new incoming honors students is making the hall a popular place to live in the fall semester.

“Currently, our incoming freshmen requests are showing a very strong request rate as well,” Zentmeyer said. I am very certain that all of our facilities will be filled at fall opening.”