‘Encanto’ is taking the world by storm, and for good reason


Photo courtesy of IMDb

Disney’s “Encanto” is beautiful, unique and poignant — making it a must-see.

Disney might’ve created one of their best movies in the history of the company with their sleeper hit production, “Encanto.” 

In this spoiler-free review, I will do my best to detail everything I think makes “Encanto” the beautiful, unique and poignant movie that it is. Culturally rich and beautifully made in every way possible, “Encanto” is rocking both theater seats and living rooms alike with its vibrant scenes, boisterous music and gripping emotional storytelling. The movie is not just enchanting, but utterly gorgeous and unique in its style. 

First things first, for those paying close attention, this movie will delight you in its showing of what truly amazing animation looks like. Every single move the characters make is dynamic, every sound bursting from the speakers is robust and every facial expression is delicately yet intricately designed.

I expect nothing less from what could be considered the best animation studio on this side of the planet, but “Encanto” is just special. There’s something different about it and it gives the movie an air of magic, pun not intended. Every scene is set beautifully and positively shimmering with vivid and energetic colors. 

Staying true to the form of its real-life setting in Colombia, almost every scene in the movie is accompanied by scenic views of the intensely bewitching landscape and beautiful flora and fauna that inhabit the country. Unique in its design and comfortable in its culture, “Encanto” is a dinner for the eyes fit for a king. 

Aside from the beautiful coloring and design, the actual animation is also a cut above the rest. The dynamic movements of the characters and angles the movie presents during both the normal and the more “cinematic” scenes of the movies are truly breathtaking. Above all else, if you don’t like the story or for SOME REASON don’t like the glorious soundtrack [a topic I will get to in a moment], you have no choice but to love the way this movie looks. The pairing of the lovely ten out of ten character designs with beautiful scenery and masterful animation is a one-way ticket to Dreamville. 

The effort, love and care put into this movie’s looks is clear, but what about the way it sounds? We absolutely NEED to talk about the clear-cut centerpiece of this movie. The crème de la crème, the shining jewel in the glowing crown that is “Encanto”: the soundtrack. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the score of this movie as well, but the soundtrack is where the money lies. Ambitious in every way, the “Encanto” soundtrack is nothing short of perfect. Every song is full-bodied and positively bursting at the seams with quirks and interjections from the character’s personalities and powers. 

Dolores whispering her verses, the confident swagger in the moves of Luisa’s dances belying the shaky and timid nature of her lyrics, the practiced and poised nature of Isabella’s lyrics giving off the undertones of her perfect and rehearsed life. Powered by eight original songs from the wildly talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, any song from this soundtrack is sure to be a forever staple in your playlist. 

Overall, this story is a magical tale with a heart and solid backbone of musical excellence and stunning visual genius. After one watch, it will be impossible to not hum the introduction song of the Madrigal family, or fall in love with every character that appears on the screen. And that’s a promise.