Student survey: Where do you get your news?


Noora Neiroukh

Students surveyed primarily said they get their news online — oftentimes via social media.

Lauren Reid, Content Editor

In a media climate coated in misinformation and public distrust, it’s hard to find the facts. I walked around the Oakland Center (OC) on Monday, Nov. 1 asking students where they get their news.

Erika Head, Sophomore, Communication

Where do you get your news?: I took a journalism class last semester, so it’s kind of difficult because I’m tempted to get my news from social media, because so many people just repost the same things. Usually, I’ll try to look on both Fox and CNN to see both perspectives rather than just whatever people are reposting on Instagram. I find that usually — accounts that claim to be news sites aren’t really, and they have false information.

What type of news do you like reading about?: I love current events, and I’ll have to say I love politics or mystery — more of the thriller stories. I’m not a huge entertainment (like the Kardashians) [reader], but I find sometimes the music awards and that type of thing interesting.

Do you read the Post?: Yes! If I’m in the OC I’ll pick up a copy of The Oakland Post.

De’Andre Flowers, Senior, Psychology

Where do you get your news?: Mostly talk shows, CNN, “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and political podcasts. For campus news — the website, the Post and email newsletters.

What type of news do you like reading about?: Whatever’s popping at the time — like celebrities I know or politics.

What do you enjoy reading about in the Post?: [I like getting the] sports updates.

Jenna DeVoogd, Freshman, Biology

Where do you get your news?: I would say online.

What type of news do you like reading about?: Usually it’s current events, but sometimes it’s something like “The 25 best Met Gala looks.”

Do you read the Post? What would you like to see in the Post?: I have [read it] in class. I’d like to read about what’s going on in the world, or things happening in Michigan.

Savannah, Sophomore, Psychology

Where do you get your news?: I don’t really look into news. What I do get is from social media and what I hear from other people.

What type of news do you like reading about?: I’m honestly not [super] interested in news, [but I like reading] about crime.

What would you like to see in the Post?: What’s going on in the area.

Even with a plethora of speculation and media distrust, our readers can rest assured that the Post is committed to bringing you the facts, and informing you of all the happenings in our campus community.