How to get involved on campus during a pandemic


Sarah Gudenau

The walls outside the OSI have posters with QR codes for various student organizations. The OSI helps students get involved on campus.

Sarah Gudenau, Features Editor

Socialization has innumerable health benefits, and it’s needed now more than ever in the midst of isolation, social distancing and online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A great way for Oakland University (OU) students to connect with new friends and meet colleagues is getting involved in the campus community. 

Along with social benefits, campus involvement offers a variety of other pluses. According to Bentley University, student organizations provide opportunities to network, develop soft skills, work with a team and practice leadership abilities. 

OU has more than 300 student organizations open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Here’s how to get involved in student organizations, even during the pandemic. 

Choose a Group 

The first thing to consider is what type of student organization. Looking for an impressive resume builder? Try an honors society or a service group. Want to practice skills from class? There are a wide variety of organizations related to specific majors or areas of study, such as the Aspiring Surgeons Club or the Public Relations Student Society of America. 

OU has many categories of student organizations: academic, advocacy and awareness, club sports, cultural and diversity, faith-based, fraternity and sorority, honors societies, leadership, political and more. 

Join a Student Organization

To see the complete list of student organizations, visit GrizzOrgs.

“Definitely the best place to start is GrizzOrgs,” Assistant Director of Student Organization Programs Stephanie Jurva says. “You just need your OU email and password to login and create your account, then you can go in and check all the different student organizations that we have.” 

After finding an organization of interest, click “Join” on its page to be added to the group’s email list and receive all future communication. 

Learn the Requirements

Different groups have different obligations. For example, a social group such as the Costume and Cosplay Club may not have specific qualifications to participate, but others such as Alpha Lambda Delta have a GPA requirement, as well as participation requirements to be considered an active member who receives a chord at graduation. 

Additionally, groups list whether their events will be virtual or in-person on GrizzOrgs. According to Jurva, many organizations are having hybrid events with opportunities for students to participate online if they feel more comfortable. 

“If students do have an indoor event, they will make sure people are wearing their masks and filling out the health screening so that we make sure everybody tries to stay as safe as possible,” Jurva says. 

Start Your Own Organization

If nothing is of interest on GrizzOrgs, another option is starting a new student organization. 

The requirements to start a new organization include having at least four students for an executive board (e-board) consisting of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, as well as one faculty or staff advisor. The e-board must attend training. 

Interested students can contact the Office for Student Involvement (OSI) for the next steps once they meet the requirements. 

“It’s pretty simple to get something started,” Jurva says. “We may have had a group in the past that we can bring back if it’s something that went defunct due to lack of interest or officers.” 

Visit the OSI 

For any other questions, email [email protected] or visit the office located in the basement of the Oakland Center, which is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

“We [the OSI] want you to enjoy college and have some downtime away from your classes,” Jurva says. “Everybody needs time to destress and have some fun, so we try to add that part into your college experience.”