James Wan returns to horror films with ‘Malignant’


Photo Courtesy of IMDb.

“Malignant” is bringing back the horror movie hype many have been missing. 

Horror movies have just not been hitting that much lately, it’s been hard for any film to come out on top. “Malignant” is bringing back that horror movie hype many have been needing. 

The film was for sure a jaw dropping film, as there were so many plot twists presented. 

The film follows Madison (Annabelle Wallis) as she experiences a sort of paralyzed feeling in which she sees a different version of life where she watches people die from a serial killer. 

She comes with a horrific past, and Gabriel was a big part of it, which she tried to forget. She lives her days being such in a dream world, watching as Gabriel goes on a killing spree.

As cops investigate what is actually going on, Madison tries to lend a helping hand, but no one’s really listening. 

To solve the case, we have to look into why Madison is experiencing these things and what kind of past she actually holds.

When I first saw the trailer for this film I believed it was going to be a supernatural, “Conjuring” type of movie. That was a valid thought as James Wan is the director, but this film had a lot of misleading resolutions that could have been it. Wan, known for “The Conjuring,” “Insidious” and “Saw” took a different approach to this film.

While I am a big fan of Wan and will always see every movie he makes, this one was interesting because the plot was kind of ridiculous — but in a good way. It’s a completely peculiar plot, and definitely something audiences have not seen before.

“Saw” was very bold of Wan, and “Malignant” is the same way. The creativity alone is astonishing — he provided so many plot twists in one film to always keep the audience interested. Wan deserves to be making horror movies.

It started out basic and kinda dragged on, but once the audience started to catch on, and the plot was developed more, it had an effect on the viewers. Wan truly, had us in the first half.

Viewers were impressed with the course the plot took, and while it took a while to get there, it was the perfect timing for everything to be revealed. The over the top writing was well done and nothing about the film was too corny or stereotypical. 

The film will stand out for it’s great twist and crazy ideas — the overall production was well put together for the most part. Only some sections were poorly executed. But, there was this sense of moving forward with the characters as things were revealed. There was a doctor and old films from the past show during parts of the movie and I really enjoyed those scenes.

There are some critiques to the film, like why there were so many random bursts of music? It almost ruined the mood sometimes. There were dramatic parts that all of a sudden had upbeat music.

Some aspects didn’t make sense but they had to be careful to not reveal too much, so that the plot twists were still surprising.

“Malignant” is for people who love a messed up kind of horror and thriller film. Any horror fans not seeing this movie are missing out on the crazy things that go on in Wan’s head.

Audiences are definitely left with the feeling of: “what did I just watch?”

Rating: 4/5 stars