Letter to the Editor: My response to anti-vax mandate protests

The staff and faculty at OU inspire a great sense of appreciation for vehemently upholding the new university vaccine guidelines. After an already difficult start to the fall semester, I applaud their commitment to serving this community.

Even without nit-picking the fallacies and selective research of individuals who chose to actively speak up, as an alum of Oakland University, it’s incredibly disappointing to see familiar faces take on such a pompous and self-serving objective as an Anti-Vax Mandate protest.

Oakland University is a public university subject to the same laws regarding discrimination as every other organization in the US. Put simply with the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, “no [entity] serving the public can discriminate because of a customer’s national origin, sex, religion, color, or race.” 

There are already instances of students being granted religious and medical exemption to the mandate in order to attend classes, given that proper evidence is provided. Despite being offered alternatives for reasonable requests, many community members tout their privilege in the face of a dire situation, pompously flaunting their disregard to the well-being of their neighbors like a proud banner:

“My individual comfort is more important than the welfare of the community!” 

There are other schools. There are other school-years. There are other options.

I urge you to evaluate the ramifications of an intention to not only violate university guidelines, but put your peers, mentors, and teachers at risk. This affects more than your present circumstance.

The add/drop deadline is in one week.

I hope you reconsider.