Amid work stoppage, students weigh in on contract negotiations


Noora Neiroukh

Amid the work stoppage, students are confused and hope an agreement can be reached soon.

In lieu of the Oakland University Chapter of the American Association of University Professor’s (OU AAUP’s) work stoppage, and a faculty contract agreement yet to be reached, the fall semester is in flux. I walked around the Oakland Center this morning — Sept. 2 — to gather some student thoughts. Prevailing themes were confusion and the hope that the issue can be resolved soon so classes can start.

Drew Ulmer, Sophomore, Public Relations

I am not fully aware of the situation, but the information I do know sounds like the faculty is being taken advantage of and not given their full benefits. If this has been going on since May, I think they should be given what they’re owed.

Payton Latimer, Freshman, Nursing

I was very confused because two of my classes weren’t listed on Moodle, and I got emails saying assignments wouldn’t be posted.

I completely understand the struggles the faculty are trying to communicate. As a freshman, I thought this was normal, until I got the emails.

Abigail Lowe, Senior, Biomedical Science

I’m very confused because some professors aren’t communicating. From the ones who did inform us, I get where they’re coming from.

Claudia, OU Student

Everything is moving so fast with so little information given to us students — it’s very confusing. I hope everything works out soon enough.

Keanne, Junior, Communication

I am not sure what exactly is happening, but I hope everything can be resolved peacefully and efficiently.

For students looking for additional information on the work stoppage, the OU AAUP now has a student tab on their website. They are inviting students to ask questions so they can update as needed.